Ejection Strategy

How to optimize your ejection strategy?

As an injection molder, you are always looking for opportunities to eject your plastic parts consistently, quickly, and easily. In the process, parts can get stuck which causes damage and could even break mold components. The consequences of this kind of flaws could have a big impact on your processes like increased costs, longer cycle times, and product manufacturing delays. Any experienced mold maker knows the importance of managing your mold design with the right ejection strategy. The decisions made here are saving you time and money in the long run. In this article we zoom in on three key decision for you ejection strategy:

1. Ejector surface, flatter equals better

In the ideal scenario your ejection surface looks like the finest turf
you can find. Every blade of grass cut exactly at 1,25 inch and no bumps to be found anywhere. Of course, this al is proverbial but it’s indicating that a perfectly flat ejection surface will give you outstanding results. 


Besides recessed flats promote quality ejection cause they provide a surface that is parallel to the parting line. This results in plastic parts which are easy to knock out. 

Tip of the day: Locate your ejection point at the deepest location of the plastic part.

Ejection Strategie

2. Ejection area, smaller components are tougher

High-quality ejection is based on geometry and part size. When you mold lakes ejection surface this could cost you several good parts or deformations. All this results in slower cycling and longer running time thing you want to avoid. Steer towards larger ejection surfaces so your parts will fall out easily, this is an important step in optimizing your ejection strategy.

Tip of the day: Don’t be greedy when it comes to the ejection surface within reason. Avoid KO’s under 3/64 diameter.

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3. Ejection type, pros and cons

Choosing the right ejection mold type brings you a lot of choices. As an experienced ejection molder, you should know if you should go with pins, bars, sleeves, or blades. Each option brings its owns tradeoffs, different types bring different shapes or marks on the parts which each need their kind of nursing.

KO pins are one of the most reliable, inexpensive kind of types. Besides that, they are easy to install, modify and maintain. Although they don’t suit every situation they are a solid option that’s worth looking into when assembling your ejection strategy.

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