Frequently Asked Questions

Find below the frequently asked questions that we receive, is your question not answered? Do not hesitate to contact us!

For many clients the required investment in molds determines their choice where to manufacture (most companies are not corporates with deep pockets). Traditionally the manufacturing of molds in Europe is 3 to 4 times more expensive then in Asia. However through the buying power and network of Budget Molding there is no price difference in mold investment anymore. Molds made in Europe can be the same price as those made in Asia. Parts prices between Asia and Europe have always been very comparable as labor costs only make up a small part of the costs in the automated process. As upfront mold investment is no longer the driver to select where to manufacture the following aspects can now drive your decision: supply chain speed, sustainability, assembly / market location, availability of certain materials, etc.

This largely depends on the size and complexity of the parts but in general it takes a few months to design a mold, order all parts, create the custom components and go through all the testing procedures to deliver quality parts. Budget Molding has a few options to create molds within one of two weeks but much larger budgets are required to enable this. If this is the case for your developments please inform us and we’ll discuss what can be achieved.

As soon as the 0-series components have been approved by the client and the final mold invoice is paid for the ownership of the molds is contractually transferred to the client. Budget Molding is responsible to take good care of the mold(s) and keep them in pristine shape to make sure the guaranteed number of parts can be manufactured.

After the minimum required number of parts has been manufactured and paid for; the client can claim their molds without any additional costs from Budget Molding. The client however is responsible for all risks and logistics to move the mold(s) to another location. Do take into account however that however injection molding is a relatively standardized process it can be quite challenging to get your molds to function well on other machines.

Molds will be stored on racks inside warehouses next to production facilities.

Budget Molding has all relevant insurances for our operations; however as the molds are legally the property of our clients we are unable to take out additional insurances on them. Clients however can discuss with their insurance agents the possibilities to take out additional insurance on their assets. In the 15 years of arranging manufacturing no mold under our supervision has ever been lost, stolen or destroyed.

In all our quotations the minimum of guaranteed useable parts (shots made with a mold) which can be manufactured with a mold are stated. Any maintenance and / or repairs required on molds to enable reaching this number are at expense of Budget Molding. When the number of warranty shots is reached it will be discussed with the client of the mold is still in good enough shape to continue manufacturing or if it needs to be replaced.

This mainly depends if you decide to manufacture overseas or in your own country or continent. Most countries provide an overview of the tariffs for different types of materials, parts and finished products ranging from a few percent until a maximum of 20% of the product value.

Client data for projects of which Budget Molding is not selected to arrange manufacturing is automatically deleted after 3 months. This includes emails with details. Data for on-going production runs is kept on file on our secure server until a client decides to halt production for whatever reason.

Yes this can be arranged and delivered with your other custom made components.

Depending on the type of product this can be discussed, Budget Molding arranges final product assembly regularly.