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A project for Production Heroes starts when receiving a request to manufacture components from a client and ends with us delivering production batches on the desired doorstep of that client.

Step by step the process goes as follows:

  • Arrange an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required before any documents are shared by the client. 
    *We ensure a standard NDA with all files uploaded through our site!

  • Judging the received documents by one of our engineers.

  • If the design can’t be manufactured and/or changes need to be made these will be discussed with you.

  • If the design is suitable for manufacturing an initial quotation will be made and shared within a few (work) days.

  • We schedule a meeting or conference call to go over the further exact details of the project in more detail. If such a meeting is not possible further matters will be discussed by email.

  • A final updated quotation taking in consideration all these details will be made (if any changes are required).

  • After approval of quotation by client a downpayment is required.

  • Design of molds and discussing details of injection points, ejector points and split lines.
  • Ordering of all required custom mold components, steel and plastic material.

  • Milling of custom mold parts.

  • Once milling is completed, it is installed on the injection molding machine and a full cycle of samples produced.

  • Small adjustments and improvements are made to the mold components, based on review of the first samples. A second set of samples is made.

  • Once the samples are approved the last step to complete the molds is adding the surface textures inside the milled parts. Samples will again be made and sent for the final approval or fine tuning procedures.

  • During the making of the molds, the quality control and Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) procedures are drafted and shared with the client for approval. All future orders will be judged for approval according to this document.

  • Draft and share Mold Property Contract for signing.

  • Ready to manufacture on request!


Plastic materials have come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years due to mismanagement of waste streams with plastics ending up in the environment. Fact of the matter is that plastic when used correctly and for the right application can be a very sustainable solution.

Find out more about how we integrate sustainability at budget molding! 

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