industrial manufacturing trends

Industrail Manufacturing Trends transforming the industry

As an industrial manufacturing expert, you know the challenges associated with high complexity production processes. Manufacturing is one of the biggest and most significant industries all across the world. In this industry, things develop at a fast pace. In this article, we give you several trends which will help you lead the manufacturing industry in the coming years.

1. Globalization and Supply chain complexity

Increased trading fee’s from North America and the Brexit in Europa are two factors driving forces of increased levels of difficulty across today’s supply chains. Additionally shipping costs from counties in Asia especially China have been raised cause of a small warehousing crisis. This continuing political uncertainty will withhold some manufacturers which causes a delay in

In some cases, manufacturers are being forced to unravel complex
global sourcing issues which could result in searching for near-shore production partners. As a result in 2021, manufacturers will increasingly adopt hybrid or cloud integrations solutions for an agile, flexible way to manage their supply chain infrastructures.

industrial manufacturing Trends

2. Smart Manufacturing and 5G

The newest fifth-generation network is slowly spreading across the globe. Where cellular communications like 4G have been struggling with capacity challenges from the start (kinda similar to the challenges 3G faced in continents like Africa), 5G is a feature of global transformation. Industrial manufacturing companies are expecting faster connections. As a result, these companies can start to increase their centralized tracking, utilization of cloud, and quality inspection. With widespread coverage, 5G will bring more reliable connections, with this an ecosystem of smart industrial manufacturing will be born.

3. Agile and Responsiveness

Improving technologies will force manufacturing companies to concentrate on improving their agility and responsiveness. New demands and market conditions cause customers to have even higher expectations about the production cycle time and the quality of the end product. Decreasing the time it takes to create, schedule and process a client’s order becomes increasingly crucial. This is also beneficial for industrial manufacturing companies, they will be able to match the emerging demands with their production cycles. The more successfully manufacturing companies can match these two variables the more agility they pump in their operations.

4. 3D Printing

This is nowadays another rapidly moving technology that could cause a massive digital transformation in the industrial manufacturing industry. With 3D printing, organizations are expected to produce faster and cheaper prototypes. For many customers, this is a more cost-efficient way to troubleshoot and test their resources. Additionally, it enables industrial manufacturers to produce parts in high demand. Particular industries like automotive and aerospace have implemented 3D printing in the production process already. This year, 2021, we will certainly see more sectors follow.

4. 3D Printing Technology

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4. Sustainablity

Nowadays sustainability becomes more and more a hot topic in the manufacturing industry. Companies notice there are ways to pump their production in a way that doesn’t take a toll on the environment (energy efficient). Sustainable manufacturing rests on 3 mainstream pillars:

• Unified work process: Establish a workflow across all engineering departments which promotes transparency and efficiency.
• Newest technologies: Educate employees to work with the most high-end tools and technologies available, efficiency, safety, and collaboration all benefit from this investment.
• Optimize lean engineering operations: Create a manufacturing process where waste, overproductions, scrap, and delay are eliminated.

These 3 mainstream pillars are not that specific so we came to some useful tips to make your industrial manufacturing process more sustainable:

1. Replace old compressors with new high-efficiency ones
2. Reduce energy consumption during non-production time by organizational and technical measures (Stand-by)
3. Use fluids with minimal environmental
4. Add equipment to support improvement like a resource-preserving filter
5. Extractive oil removal
6. Recycling

Industrial Manufacturer Production Heroes

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