Injection Molding Process

The Injection Molding Process in three basic steps

Injection molding is a well-known manufacturing method for several reasons. Many companies and consumers see the value of this fast-moving industry, it has proven to be valuable for companies and consumers when getting new products to the market. Plastic is the main component of many products. Injection molding has proven to be one of the best ways to make plastic. Let’s quickly dive into the injection molding process.

Step 1.: Design Your Product

The design is one of the most important aspects of the production process because it is the earliest opportunity to prevent costly mistakes (making sure your product idea is good is of course equally important). There are many target designs, manufacturability assembly, functions, etc. The correct design is to achieve the desired goal to a satisfactory level, but it may require a lot of creativity.
Some specific methods to avoid costly mistakes in the product design process are as uniform as possible in the wall thickness plan, and a gradual transition from one thickness to another when thickness variation cannot be avoided. It is also important to avoid architectural design pressures, such as an angle of 90 degrees or less.

A team of skilled design engineers will be able to brainstorm, design, and improve a variety of solutions to meet the complexity of a particular project. The design team creates elegant solutions to complex problems in the sum of decades of creative mechanisms. Looking for a high-end designing partner? Take a look at the product design bureau Studio Mango. You will be impressed!

Injection Molding Process

Step 2.: Create Your Mold

It looks like after that, it feels that the design has been tested and will be further produced, and the mold needs to be designed and manufactured for the injection mold. From these types of metal, molds are often one of the following.

• Hardened steel, the mold is usually the most expensive material, and the longest duration (in units) can generally lower the price. This makes hundreds of thousands of good material selection products for hardened steel.

• Pre-hardened steel, not as hard as cyclically hardened steel and is created cheaper.
Aluminium, the most commonly used single cavity “prototype tool” when a relatively low number of parts is required for testing. Once the tool’s injection molded parts are tested and approved, then a multi-cavity steel production tool is produced.

• Thousands of parts can be obtained from an aluminium tool but are usually used in low quantities.

• Beryllium Copper Alloy, a mold that is commonly used in the area and requires rapid heat removal or shear heat concentration.

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Step 3.: Manufacturing your product

After your product is correctly designed, molded and approved, it is time to start the actual production. The thermoplastic or thermoset material is in the form of granules that the fed enters into the heating barrel through the hopper. The plastic is heated to a predetermined temperature by a large screw through the entrypoint(s) of the mold. Once the mold is in the right place, the screws will remain in place for a predetermined cooling time during the application of the appropriate pressure. At this point, the screw exits, the mold opens, and it expulses. This loop will repeat over and over again and can be used to create hundreds of parts in a short time.

Injection Molding Process Production Heroes

As a manufacturing company, Budget-Molding’s priority is to manufacture high-end sustainable products. Injection Molding  is one of the production methods most used by consumers and companies to manufacture plastic products. Production Heroes works with the best manufacturing partners all over the world. You can find some of our injection molding products you can find here. (Higo, Kitty Kasas and Alleovs).

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