Blow Molding

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Blow molding is the most suitable manufacturig technique to create thin walled hollow objects in high volume, think PET-bottles and jerrycans.

Blow Molding

Create thin walled hollow 

objects in high volume.

What is

Blow Molding

Blow molding is used to manufacture relatively small hollow plastic parts in medium to high volume.

Several types of blow molding technologies exist, which one is most suitable for your development depends on: size, shape, thickness, material and volumes to be produced and can be advised by Budget Molding. The most well-known examples of blow molding products are: PET bottles for soda and jerrycans.

Major advantages of blow molding include:

  • Ability to complete high-production rates
  • Repeatability of accurate tolerances
  • Low labor costs
  • Minimal material loss
  • Minimal finishing time required
  • Wide range of materials available for specific applications

The mold making costs in this method are moderate (starting from a few hundred euro’s / dollars for tiny components to millions for the most complex big tooling); however, the cost per part is always very economical. The mold manufacturing process until production readiness is labor and time intensive and often stretches several months through different stages: design, order components, machining, testing, adjustments and surface finishes.

Blow Molding

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