Plastic Extrusion

Profiles in al shapes and sizes

Plastic extrusion is used to make uniquely shaped profiles (up to 10 meters). From flexible rubber seals to massive supporting beams the possibilities are endless.

Plastic Extrusion

Uniquely shaped profiles

up to ten meters

What is

Plastic Extrusion

Extrusion can be used to make simple or very complex profiles of all shapes and sizes in many types of plastics, both soft and hard.

The manufactured profiles can be manufactured into lengths up to 10 meters long, cut to size, milled and given all kinds of finishes. Molds for extrusion are relatively inexpensive and allow for high volume production. Well known examples of extruded products are: window frames, heat sinks, construction components, cable guides, etc.

*Take into account that the mold for platic profiles can’t be used for Aluminium and vice versa.

Major advantages of Plastic Extrusion include:

  • Ability to complete high-production rates
  • Repeatability of accurate tolerances
  • Lengths up to 10 meter.
  • Minimal material loss
  • Inexpensive mold costs
Plastic extrusion

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