Kitty Kasas

Kitty Kasas is a USA based lifestyle brand for cat products. All items in their collection are manufactured and assembled by Production Heroes mostly by using injection and rotation molding.  Challenge: Clicking together of all components easily with little force by end user Solution: Ensure stable parts in mass manufacturing which don’t shrink and warp […]


Injection Molding Process

A children’s puzzle and learning game. Production Heroes arranges injection molding of all parts, printing of the cards, packaging manufacturing and the assembly.  Challenge: Sliding over each other of parts in use of game, avoid scratching. Solution: Some DFM changes to enable better sliding of plastic elements. Production Methods: Materials: Location: Feel free to request […]


Supersola is a solar panel which you simply plug in your socket and you’re done. No installation by expensive professionals that requires permanent infrastructural changes to your roof. A modular system which allows you to simply start with one and expand whenever you like. For Supersola Production Heroes manufactures several injection molded parts, plastic and […]

TGLS – floor system

TGLS is a floor system for ceramic tiles; these elements measure 60 x 60 cm and required substantially sized molds to be manufactured. Additionally the metal spanners and silicone rubber seals are manufactured by Production Heroes.  Challenge: Ensuring that the tile elements have nearly 0 shrinkage and are completely flat (no warping). Solution: Adding specific […]

The Reset bottle

The Reset bottle is a foodgrade highly innovative injection molded packaging; especially the spiral required a very innovative turning mold to enable its manufacturing. The transparent bottle itself is manufactured with nearly 0 degree draft angle; initially this introduces a lot of surface scratches but due to some clever solutions in the mold this problem […]

Altec – sleeve tool

These sleeve tools for Altec have been injection molded, logo added by sift printing, stainless steel metal tubes cut to size and assembled into a nifty little tool. Challenge: Get enough clamping from the plastic structure for good use of the metal tubes instruments by the operator. Solution: Bolted construction with custom made bolt. Production […]

Cake Dutchess

Production Heroes arranged for Cake Dutchess the manufacturing, assembly and packaging of their high end cake decoration toolkit. The metal parts of the tools are made by lost wax casting in which the wax part is injection molded, added to a wax tree, heat resistance coated and metal casted inside.  After the casting, the metal […]