Higo Sense

Injection Molding Products

Higo is a telemedicine device which can be used for self-diagnosis at home for a lot of the most common ilnesses. For Higo Production Heroes arranges the manufacturing of all hardware components except the electronics and assembly. In total 13 molds were opened to realize this device to be manufactured. Most components are manufactured in […]

Altec – sleeve tool

These sleeve tools for Altec have been injection molded, logo added by sift printing, stainless steel metal tubes cut to size and assembled into a nifty little tool. Challenge: Get enough clamping from the plastic structure for good use of the metal tubes instruments by the operator. Solution: Bolted construction with custom made bolt. Production […]

Cake Dutchess

Production Heroes arranged for Cake Dutchess the manufacturing, assembly and packaging of their high end cake decoration toolkit. The metal parts of the tools are made by lost wax casting in which the wax part is injection molded, added to a wax tree, heat resistance coated and metal casted inside.  After the casting, the metal […]