Higo Sense

Injection Molding Products

Higo is a telemedicine device which can be used for self-diagnosis at home for a lot of the most common ilnesses. For Higo Production Heroes arranges the manufacturing of all hardware components except the electronics and assembly. In total 13 molds were opened to realize this device to be manufactured. Most components are manufactured in […]

Kitty Kasas

Kitty Kasas is a USA based lifestyle brand for cat products. All items in their collection are manufactured and assembled by Production Heroes mostly by using injection and rotation molding.  Challenge: Clicking together of all components easily with little force by end user Solution: Ensure stable parts in mass manufacturing which don’t shrink and warp […]

TGLS – floor system

TGLS is a floor system for ceramic tiles; these elements measure 60 x 60 cm and required substantially sized molds to be manufactured. Additionally the metal spanners and silicone rubber seals are manufactured by Production Heroes.  Challenge: Ensuring that the tile elements have nearly 0 shrinkage and are completely flat (no warping). Solution: Adding specific […]