Metal Injection Molding

for companies of all sizes

Create a huge variety of complex parts of different sizes and shapes, through Metal Injection Molding. 

Metal Injection Molding

Uses the same technique as plastic injection molding,

and allows for complex, high volume parts in metal!

Major advantages of metal injection molding include:

  • Ability to complete high-production rates
  • Repeatability of accurate tolerances
  • Low labor costs
  • Minimal material loss
  • Minimal finishing time required
  • Wide range of materials available for specific applications

The mold making costs in this method are relatively high (starting from a few hundred euro’s / dollars for tiny components to millions for the most complex big tooling); however, the cost per part is always very economical. The mold manufacturing process until production readiness is labor and time intensive and often stretches several months through different stages: design, order components, machining, testing, adjustments and surface finishes.

Injection Molding

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