Reshoring, what is it and why should you do it?

Reshoring, what is it and why should you do it? What is reshoring: Reshoring is the process of returning manufacturing from a foreign country back to where the products are actually sold and used. Near-shoring means taking production back from a far-away country to a location much closer to the end users but not within […]

How to optimize your ejection strategy

Ejection Strategy

How to optimize your ejection strategy? As an injection molder, you are always looking for opportunities to eject your plastic parts consistently, quickly, and easily. In the process, parts can get stuck which causes damage and could even break mold components. The consequences of this kind of flaws could have a big impact on your […]

Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing

Product Manufacturing: How to get your own product made? Starting a new product and, do you want to know how to get your product manufactured? In this blog artikel we cover step by step which path you should take from reaching your prototype to finding a product manufacturer. In most cases a product idea starts […]