In 2020 Production Heroes opened its doors to enable affordable and sustainable manufacturing for companies small and large from all industries. The people behind Production Heroes however have decades of experience and a proven track record in the manufacturing industry.


Our worldwide network of trusted manufacturers and expertise enables fair prices for tooling, quality components, sustainable manufacturing and swift communication.


Enabling manufacturing to become sustainable, affordable and efficient for companies of all sizes.



With our team of over 25 engineers we assist and guide the process of tooling, manufacturing and quality control. The main hub of Production Heroes is located in Brabant the Netherlands and our production locations can be found in Europe and Asia.


Production Heroes originates from an international design and engineering agency for product development. Initially only operating as a consultancy for the design and engineering of products; but in the past 15 years manufacturing was arranged for an increasing number of clients.

In those 15 years a huge international network was built up of trustworthy manufactures with fair prices, decent lead times and minimum order quantities not only suitable for corporates. 

As many of the clients were either startup companies or niche SME’s with limited budgets and always new inventions; our manufacturers network needed to cater to those specific needs.     

Sure a lot of mistakes were made in those 15 years and with the majority of factories it turned out that relationships were not durable at all. But hailing from all efforts in experimenting with factories from all over the world in a wide range of production methods is a strong network of manufacturers with whom Production Heroes has been forged.

Initially manufacturing was arranged for clients once requested. Later on it was integrated as a standard service in the development process; in which clients were also able to do their own due diligence with the same CAD files. 

Hardly any of them succeeded with to find more economic prices then from our network. Clients that did find better prices enables us contact to such suppliers to continuous keep on adding contacts to our network. 

After more than a decade in which hundreds of  molds and thousands of components have been manufactured and the process optimized it was time to open up this network to the world.


Production Heroes enables companies who do not have their own factories to utilize our network of manufacturers worldwide. 

Our factories make components according the specifications given to them and do not have their own products in the market.

These factories also manufacture and maintain the required tooling (molds) to enable the production of components for our clients.

Production Heroes is able to offer quality tooling and components for competitive prices fully made in Europe or Asia (with no price differences). 

Because of this price levels are no longer a reason to decide where to manufacture. Sustainability, speed of delivery, import tariffs and the country to which your components need to be shipped can now drive your decisions instead of merely mold budgets and component prices.   


Quality molds and components for the best prices

Multiple production techniques available with just one point of contact.

European and Asian options for manufacturing at the same competitive price.

Buying power, we purchase large quantities from our suppliers giving us leverage.

Small order quantities are no problem.

Transparent process, we go the extra mile for a satisfying customer journey.

Terms and conditions which also protect the client instead of just us.

Engineering capacity is available if required for your project.

Quotations for your components always received within a few days.

Advice for sustainable manufacturing integrated in our process.